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drawing is important

the energy of line

the simple mark making of a pencil

gathering as a method of making     

pathways feet have taken             

a reminder of why

a reflection of what is slipping through our fingers

simplicity out of chaos

offering a way to describe a process


pure spirit and raw energy                         

witness to a wild land

suggestions of growth, movement, energy and air                       

essential questioning                   

to be here               

a response not a portrait

an immediate response prepared for and given time              

 just passing through


This exhibition has helped me focus through lockdown and given a goal in a strange time of uncertainty. It's been a joy to have a new studio to work in and retreat to. Its been a journey to re-establish my home here on the Craignish Peninsula, to carve out space to think, draw and move in the landscape. The journey continues and the questions and questioning become more a part of everyday life.

                                                                  It is witness and reflection. It is joy in being here, now.                                                                   

I appreciate you coming to look and share in this.

A gathering of words from my sketchbooks:

Re-emergence moments layered draw connecting windblown movement land finding ways paths space beauty freedom witnessing response sea memory loving chance wandering exploring old ways home strength marks air language practise fear doubt calm wild power journey remembering peace isolation solitude between re-forming delicacy scouring documenting anger open looking forming movement fast undercurrent revering drawing unfinished enclosure feeling grief curiosity memory anger strength exposed map immediacy lines tides emotion unfinished characters spirit place space sense time relationship question ancient delicacy roaming drama reflection gathering workings truthful bare holding between foraging running tentative storm noticing absence raw night knowing involvement

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