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375 Oak Trees

375 oak seedlings, organic compost, recycled pots

The present is a fulcrum, the essential moment to enact change, to become good ancestors, aware of greater timescales than our brief human lifespans - connecting with the past and having hope for the future.

The oak trees will be planted in Kilmartin Glen around the quarry, where the cursus monument was sited, and in the museum grounds. Collaborative planting events will take place towards the end of the exhibition either in late 2023 or spring 2024. Opportunities to be part of this collective restorative action will be advertised on this and Kilmartin Museum's website and on social media.

A continued legacy....

if you wish to be part of a wider effort to restore our land and preserve our future a special Trees for Life Grove has been created for the exhibition. You can find this here and donate trees to be planted on your behalf. They will keep growing long after you are gone, a living legacy and gift to the future.

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