Living on the coast in Argyll the Paps of Jura, Scarba and the Corryvrechan are potent imagery. Powerful currents below the surface of the waters, swirling between islands. It is a moving landscape, never still, resonating with age, beauty and spirit.

Jura Squall_edited.jpg

Jura Squall  39cm x 34cm


This is my mountain, Ben Cruachan. I grew up looking at her, across Loch Awe. Cailleach nan Cruachan, Beira, Queen of the Winter, old woman, hag, creator. So steeped in energy, living massive, sentinel.


Ben Cruachan Blues  51cm x 16cm


Outliers and individual friends, woodlands and forest families. They are our life support, lungs of our planet. They are dancers on the earth, interconnecting air and earth. Ancient trees, the old ones, next to youthful exuberance and spring growth - harbingers of the seasons.

Tree Forms.jpg

Sylvan Lines  39cm x 29cm